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Beauty in pregnancy: what treatments can expectant mothers do before giving birth?

During the pregnant woman some imperfections may appear, mistakenly it is thought that most of the beauty treatments should be suspended during pregnancy: in reality this is not the case.
In this period the future mother needs to feel more beautiful and pampered and beauty treatments can also give relaxation and well-being
Here's how to deal with the "mommy makeover"

Mommy Makeover is an American term that has recently also entered our language and describes the gestures and behaviors to be carried out to get back in shape after childbirth, from nutrition to fitness to beauty treatments, in short, a series of targeted interventions to solve imperfections. typical of new mothers.

A tailor-made and preventive Beauty Routine is essential
the effectiveness strictly depends on the "precocity of the treatments" and the "regularity over time" in situations of emotional stress such as motherhood.
7 exceptional bio nutrients allow you to better resist the factors that cause stretch marks
12 natural and organic plant mucilages have been shown "before and after" to improve micro-communication and cell defense.
A protocol is the Mommy Makeover which, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, involves 60% of Americans
and also in Italy it is gaining momentum.

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