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Cellulite and orange peel: strategy and treatment

Having a well-groomed appearance allows you to gain greater self-confidence and self-confidence.
Feeling your best in your potential and appearing in shape from an aesthetic point of view is important, for pleasure and for liking yourself.
Cellulite and orange-peel skin are imperfections that affect about 90% of women, falling fully within the imperfections of the legs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, most contrasted by the female universe.
However, sports and healthy eating are not enough to declare war on these enemies.
Tackling the imperfections of the body, toning and shaping it, giving it freshness and relief, becomes the mantra of every woman who wants to find harmony with her silhouette, taking care of the body.
Born from this need for real
Professional Tailor-made Shock Treatments , they effectively convey and amplify the action of the active ingredients
Perfect, they allow to obtain very evident results, compared to those achieved with a normal daily beauty routine dedicated to body and leg imperfections.
They differ from normal concentrates for their stimulating characteristic, essential to give an immediate boost of energy to the skin, thus solving specific problems.

Stretch marks and relaxation: strategy and treatment

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What they are, how to prevent and how to treat stretch marks
The main causes of stretch marks are almost entirely attributable to more or less sudden changes in volume and body weight, but also to factors such as stress, linked to the prolonged use of corticosteroid-based drugs which decrease the elasticity of the skin.

More rarely, stretch marks derive from previous pathologies, which can play a crucial role in the appearance of this type of imperfection.
Risk factors that can lead to a change include:

Hormonal changes (adolescence)

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Weight problems (obesity) with sudden weight loss

Diseases of endocrine origin attributable to the adrenal glands and hyperproduction of cortisol

Red stretch marks: often preceded by an inflammation affecting the skin, they have a characteristic purplish red color. At this stage, if action is taken in a timely and targeted manner, it is possible to resolve the problem rather easily.
White stretch marks: real skin scars, arise after the breakage of the elastic fibers of the skin.
In fact, the skin tends to produce new fibers to repair the damage, just as it happens with scars due to cuts or wounds.
In this case, the stretch marks are unlikely to disappear.

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