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redraws and nourishes curly hair with extreme lightness, prolonging its beauty

►treat the lengths, curls and curls with an in & out treatment
we are what we eat and consequently the hair reflects how we feed ourselves

Hair tangibly affects our well-being, the way we feel and the image we have of ourselves.
Hair is part of our identity, hair speaks of us

►Controlling frizz and capturing hydration to give each curl shine and curl is our philosophy
Restructuring in depth hair has always been our philosophy, which is why a treatment combined with a supplement like AquaMarina can truly revive hair and make it healthier and more beautiful.
►My Organic Strengthening Ritual from Green Energy Organics is vegan and is perfect for curly hair
The Softness and Elasticity of the fiber regains strength, vigor and compactness, the curl remains perfect and the crease and manageability are immediately evident.
Condition of the hair: anti-frizz curly hair I stressed i dull i brittle i impoverished

The protective action of the hedgehog: almonds, cocoa, shea, aloe, grape polyphenols

The repairing action of the hair: polyphenols, omega, vitamins and nutrients from cocoa butter and shea butter

Nourishing and healing action: aloe barbadensis, almond oil, rice oil, cocoa butter and shea butter

The multi-intensive and ultra-comforting action: vitamin E-omega 6

Multi-nourishing action: omega 3 and linoleic acid from linseed and sandalwood oil and jojoba, lavender, rosemary, evening primrose

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