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protects and revitalizes the hair from the damaging effects of dyes while preserving the color

►subjects all types of hair from the scalp to the ends up to the heart of the hair

Hair also has a heart: you can see it with the naked eye, if it were enlarged thousands of times, you would be amazed to see how interesting its structural composition is, and that's where we wanted to arrive with our formulas: straight to the heart
Designed for those who want to give their hair an exceptional treatment

like an elixir it illuminates and revitalizes, protecting the color of dull and treated hair, the scalp is soothed and regenerated and the hair appears more toned, strong and repaired, with a silky and shiny texture and a regained volume.
►Hair condition: colored, treated, bleached and streaked hair

►The illuminating action : prolongs brightness, depth of reflections and color intensity

►The anti-radical action: defends against photo-oxidation of hair color

►The photoprotective action: eliminates electrostatic charges, keeping the hair soft and elastic (evening primrose)

►The healing and revitalizing action: it repairs the damaged areas of the fiber, recompacts and closes the cuticle
Satisfy your hair's key needs, hydration, nutrition, definition, density and shine

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