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cleansing is the perfect moment in which the skin is freed from pollutants and toxic substances

Washing with soap and water is not enough :

it is necessary to find the right allies, to eliminate make-up, toxins, smog.

Sustainable agriculture, probiotics, e  the infusions

        they help improve the protective barrier, stabilize stressed skin, moisturize the most delicate and difficult skin.

The skin must breathe,

                     a clean and toned skin allows a better assimilation of subsequent treatments, increasing their effectiveness.

Pre and probiotics,

                 have the goal of giving a healthier skin that's why they should be included in the beauty routine.

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the new antipollution gelées

►Protect from blue light
►Reinforce the skin's barriers
►Contrast aging

Skin care also passes through the microbiota.
Through the application of postbiotics or natural extracts with bacterium-modulating action it would seem possible to modulate the microbiota, without altering its physiological characteristics, including biodiversity, with positive results on the underlying skin.

Probiotics are microorganisms
which make up the b