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Intensive molecular treatments minimize wrinkles and expression lines by regenerating


Transdermal treatment based on marine DNA
spokesperson for epigenetic immunocosmetics
helps fight the signs of aging
in four synergistic actions in just 30 minutes of application.

Skin aging is a natural process ,
the deterioration of the appearance and skin tone begins around the age of 25, but can be accelerated by many factors such as smoking, sunlight, and much more.

Transdermal delivery is the alternative
to aesthetic therapies for skin rejuvenation and skin biorevitalization.

The treatment has numerous advantages:
a-is locally effective on the treated areas

b-the molecules during transport remain intact c-the result is immediately visible

LiftExtreme is a professional all in one treatment that rejuvenates and transforms the skin instantly,
gentle on the skin, it creates a kind of seal that helps the active ingredients to penetrate through the skin more efficiently.

It has been used in clinics for 30 years

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