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IL TRAttamento antiage

Collagene Marino e Oro 24k



the anti-aging treatment with marine collagen ,
24k colloidal gold, 4 molecular weight hyaluronic acid spf 50
, guarantees the benefits of an anti-aging treatment and the expertise of a perfect makeup.

the water replaced by Hamamelis soothes

24karati colloidal gold is a strong anti-aging

the mineral camouflage pigments naturally adapt to all skin tones

► marine collagen regenerates cells

► Argyrylene analogous to botox plumps

►The tri-molecular hyaluronic acid hydrates

►Vegetable elastin : tones and recompacts

► Vitamins ac-ef preserve and oxygenate the cells

►Kigelia rich in flavonoids plumps and recompacts

► the Boraggine soothes and renews

► licorice prevents and fights skin spots

►the olive tree fights radicals and aging

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