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Dsensi® the power of roses

Sensitive skin is a "reality" that can manifest itself and evolve continuously,
during the year, particular skin changes may occur due to lifestyle, intolerances, allergies, sudden changes in temperature or other types and problems.
The result of 3 years of DSENSI research, it is Green Energy Organics' excellent answer to skin imperfections associated with the most 'fragile and sensitive skins, which can no longer bear' anything.

DSENSI effectively takes care of hypersensitive, stressed, reactive and red skin, at all ages
• The infusion of Rosa Canina calms and comforts, relieves and soothes the sensations of discomfort and redness.
• The Infusion of Rosa Centifolia protects against aggressions, strengthens the protective barrier.
• The Extract and the Infusion of Chamomile, attenuates the signs of reactivity, helps to restore the tolerance threshold.
• Grape Polyphenols help strengthen the skin's natural defenses.
• White Mallow , a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, helps to alleviate the sensations of discomfort.
• 3 molecular weight hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates giving tone and elasticity.
Omega 3-6-9 rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, reinforce the hydrolipidic film, nourishing

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