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the light and protective Multi Moisturizing Treatment SPF 50

Effective like a serum and light like a fluid, Le Fluide Ecologique helps improve nourishment and hydration, offering perfect and total cell protection.
It acts on the essential life factors for the beauty of the skin : hydration, uniformity, brightness and tone.
Ensures tailor-made action , in all circumstances.
Its texture as impalpable as silk gives the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and softness.

Super Intensive and Anti-Aging , counteract the appearance of premature signs of aging due to pollution, stress and UV rays, thanks to their protective and fortifying action on the epidermis (SPF50).

Very fresh and fluid applied before the usual cream, they increase its effectiveness, hydration and nourishment by up to 50%.

The molecular anti-pollution formula limits the damaging effects of oxidative stress, reducing the adhesion of fine particles to the skin.

In summer it is worn in the morning instead of moisturizing cream , its light and fresh molecular consistency stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Impalpable and dark, non-greasy, it dries quickly and has ultra-moisturizing properties, a guarantee of the highest quality and made in Italy craftsmanship

Recommended for all skin types, even the most demanding, marked by time with loss of firmness

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