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"Biological Anti-Aging R itual "
It acts simultaneously on the five aspects
typical of an enviable body:
• Problems with water retention
• Orange Peel Skin Problems
• Loss of tone and blemishes related to cellulite
• 100% Organic • Triple Action
Exceptional texture absorbs immediately
leaving the skin smooth and soft
Skin Conditions: Cellulite Problems
• 100% Vegan • Without Nanoparticles • Nickel Tested • Gluten Free


SKU: 00GL841
VAT Included
    Today you have one more weapon for a reshaped silhouette,
    with shaped and refined contours.

    Enriched with Active Vitamin C, able to promote the lipolytic process of fatty acids, it helps to accelerate disposal, and reduce the formation of new fatty deposits.
    At the heart of the formula, Natural Peptides and Bioflavonoids from Citrus with an elasticizing and vasoprotective action, for a skin with a compact and reinforced appearance.
    For a slimmer, leaner silhouette, redefined in every single detail. Also tested on menopausal women.
    100 % pure and certified organic, of orange, lemon, grapefruit, pomegranate and essential grape polyphenol nectar in high concentration (polyphenols and resveratrol).
    Its melting texture releases an intoxicating effusion of freshly picked orange blossom and pomegranates.

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